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Step 1:
Start Your Day With Lemon Water: Take half of the lemon and 1 cup of warm water then squeezed lemon in warm water. Take this drink every morning on an empty stomach. This helps to keep metabolism humming. This drink stimulates the gastrointestinal tract. It reduces heartburns and improves digestion. Lemon water also detoxifies the body .this is the first weight loss tips.

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Step 2:
Eat Healthy Breakfast: a
fter half an hour of taking lemon water its time to a healthy breakfast. Breakfast should be healthy you can take any food for your breakfast whatever you like. If you take a big amount of breakfast than also it does not affect your weight loss plan much more. You can add fiber and calcium-containing food .it is good for weight loss. Don’t drink milk tea, drink green tea.


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Step 3:
Low Carb Lunch:
In between 12 to 2 pm you have to take your lunch .you have to take a limited amount of lunch i.e if you taking 2 roti instead of this have to take 1 roti, bowl of ..dal you can also take a small quantity of rice. In low carb lunch, you can take an egg roll, beans, and tofu.

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Step 4:
Snacks Time: T
ake a bowl of soup or any fruit as you like don’t take milk -tea. Instead of milk- tea, you can take green tea. It detoxifies your body also helps to lose weight. One another option is to take black coffee.

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Step 5:
 Before half an hour .your dinner drink water You have to take your dinner as early as possible otherwise, you will face some indigestion problems. This is almost similar to lunch. In this time you have to eat very very less amount of food.you can eat any food but in very less amount.e.g small quantity of any vegetables, dal avoid rice at this time.

Step 6:
Drink water before sleep: D
rink warm water before your sleep. This will help you to burn fat from fatty areas It will also boost digestion. This is the last weight loss tips.

NOTE: Drink water throughout the day(at least 8 lit.).Drink plenty of water before 10 min of every meal. so to “Weight loss tips“, this is the Mantras.

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