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Three Indian Army Soldiers injured fall from Helicopter during Parade Rehearsal

Three soldiers were harmed whereas sliding down from a rope connected to Dhruv Advanced light-weight helicopter(ALH) throughout rehearsals for the military Day parade in Delhi cantonment earlier in the week. Following this, the military has suspended all such operations from Dhruv helicopters as per procedure until additional checks.

According to reports, the incident happened on January 9 and also the soldiers are currently undergoing treatment at Army Hospital research And Referral in New Delhi. the target is to carry out the raids on enemy targets within the shortest potential time and so return to safe bases within the helicopters. The “insertion” and “extraction” of commandos is usually administrated by the helicopters in special operations. The drill is practiced unrelentingly as hiding and speed are of paramount importance to retain the part of the surprise.

 The slippery boom that was alleged to hold the rope stone-broke far from the Advanced light-weight helicopter throughout the drill, leading to the accident.
“The incident happened on Tuesday throughout rehearsals at the army parade ground. The boom of the ALH from which the soldiers fall in malfunctioned. an investigation is ongoing,” an army officer said on Thursday.
Though the particular cause behind the incident isn’t clear however as per a military official, the incident happened owing to boom malfunction and undue to the rope that was used for an operation. It led to the rope breaking away and therefore the paratroopers fell on one another before crashing down on the bottom. “Material failure” seems to be the reason behind the incident, involving AHL Dhruv, sources told PTI.
Dhruv is a single-engine helicopter indigenously designed and manufactured by Hindustan astronautics limited.
The Army has over 100 Dhruv helicopters deployed altogether the operational areas including the heights of Jammu and therefore the North-East.
“We suspect material failure to be the reason for the accident. As per procedure, we’ll be going to ground them as a precaution until safety checks are administered on all the Dhruv helicopters,” another officer said. As a result, Dhruv helicopters also will not demonstrate such operations during the Army Day parade on January 15.


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