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Makar Sankranti is one of the Popular festivals Celebrated by Hindu

Sankranthi has returned. The festival is celebrating with children, several lovely photos. With the festive atmosphere, the waves are all royal. children are happy to flip the thresholds. And let’s look into those happy things.

Makar Sankranti festival is celebrated at Sankranthi on the occasion of Pushamasam and Shakala. Sankranti is that the day once the sun from Dhanur enters the Makar japa. today could be a nice day. Scholarships will be achieved by saving the rituals on Sankranthi day. On the day of Sankranthi, Brahma is going to be accessible to people who bathe in the rivers of Ganga, Godavari, Krishna, and Kaveri.


Makar Sankranti is a landmark for farmers in the state as the Pallecemas holders and the cereal seals in the state. Haridas, jungle bears, buduccukalas, gobbles, chamomile flowers, colorful pearl mugs, new grain rats, Nogales, kadavalas, Telugu folk Sankranthi. It is celebrated for three days in some places .. Bhogi, Sankranthi, Four days are held in other places. The festival is celebrated by the farmers in the delight of the harvest, especially with the new crop brought home from farms. To pay for the goddess, pay for the elderly and give them a cloth to go and pray for the family to look cool.

Those who do not get nodding can bathe in the house at home. Sleep on the Sankranthi on the Sankranthi should be bathed in cold water. Scientists say that people who do not bat on the day of Sankranti suffer from poor and ill health. Whoever drinks the sacred cup of Makar Sankranti donated to the Brahmins donate it to the Brahmins.

On the day of Bohagi and Sankranthi, Swamy should have a bath in the holy waters for their idols. In these two days, the bathing should be donated. On Makar Sankranthi, you should make or do the durgatapatasat for the offense.

Do not blame others for this festival. Do not speak curiously.
Do not be angry.
Do not eat prohibited substances.
Must be away from anesthesia.
The gram is fed to a green gram.

The sun wanders in twelve signs of the twelve months of the year. When the sun goes into the morning, the infection is called mesh infection. Vasabha infection is entered into the scrotum. Any kind of entrance is called the ring. Now the sun goes into Makar Rashi. This is called Makar infection. Today is celebrated Sankranti festival. This is what is known as the North-Western Pilgrimage. So far, the sun in the southwest enters the north. Sankranti festival is celebrated for three days. On the first day of the bonfire, the second day Sankranthi, the third-day pass.


Celebrate the day before Sankranthi. At this time the farmers’ harvest is in the hands. That is why this festival is celebrated in the villages with enthusiasm. On the morning of the day of the bonfire, bonfires are burned in front of the house. Old wooden items at home are lit in a bonfire.

Air maps

The children reach the territories and plains to fly air maps. Most of the time kites are flying in the sun. This gives children the necessary sunlight. The sunny season is very hot during the Sankranthi. This will give the children a new rejuvenation due to the drying of this time.