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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Mumbai

First of all, I’m thanking you all for landing this article, if you are searching for best places to visit in Mumbai then we must say you are on the right place. So without getting into the query let’s directly jump into the collection of best places to visit in Mumbai or we can say that the tourist places in Mumbai.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Mumbai

1) Juhu Beach:

It is one of the beautiful and longest beach present in Mumbai. It is one of the most attractive spot in ‘Mumbai sightseeing’. People love to go there during the sunset. The nearby space of Juhu is a posh locality in Mumbai, home to lots of famous Bollywood and television celebrities the most famous person Amitabh Bachchan’s Bungalow.

People are going there to chill and this beach is located as you can see the maximum side of the city.

You may also visit Iscon temple very near to Juhu Beach and there are various famous cafes, pubs, and restaurants around this area which are 24/7 open.

Juhu Beach was the very favorite with the Mumbaikars from the mid-90s. Juhu Beach is daily cleaned by BMC and lots of dustbins are installed over there to keep the area clean.


2)  Gateway of India:

Gateway of India is one of the most popular tourist place in Mumbai and is located in Apollo Bunder. It is one of the most dignified monuments in Mumbai, it was built in 1924 by world-famous architect George Wittet as a celebration of the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai.

Gateway of India is also called as ‘Mumbai’s Taj Mahal’. The structure of Gateway is made of solid concrete and yellow basalt and is decorate by Hindu and Muslim design as well. There are statues of  Chhatrapati Shivaji and Swami Vivekananda which are installed near the Gateway.

At Gateway of India, you get a special experience of ferry rides, from this ferry ride you can enjoy the view of this monument from the sea. The ticket cost of ferry rides per head starts from 55Rs to 110Rs with both starting and ending point is Gateway of India. There are other rides also for popular tourist attractions such as Alibagh and Elephanta Caves.

Especially at night, the view from the sea of Gateway complex is an amazing. An eye-catching structure, the Gateway of India is a symbol of India’s rich history and cultural heritage.


3) Elephanta Caves:

Elephanta Caves is a species of architecture and rock-cut art from the times of ancient India.  The caves are located on Elephanta Island and are situated at a distance of 11 km from the city of Mumbai. The Elephanta Caves that exist today are ruins of what were once intricately painted artworks.

There are two groups of caves situated in the site of the Elephanta Caves, The first one is a smaller group of two Buddhist caves and second is a large group of five Hindu caves. Elephanta caves are the main reason for tourist attractions. The caves express the art and various important imaginaries are carve here, which includes ‘Gangadhar’ and ‘Trimurti’. In addition to this Elephanta caves is also known for trekking destination.

Because of the Elephanta caves are located on the Island it is a joy that the return journey is also through the boat.


4) Sanjay Gandhi National park:

Sanjay Gandhi national park is famous for picnics and weekends peoples are going there to enjoy jungle scenes. Sanjay Gandhi is one of the most famous national park. The visitor goes there to spot Lion, Leopard, Fox, Monkeys, Kingfisher and various different types of Butterflies.

Sanjay Gandhi national park is present in between the suburbs of Mumbai and Thane and it is also called as Borivali national park. It is covering an area of 104sq kilometer which an 18 to 20 percent of total Mumbai’s Geographical area and it is a home for more than 1300 species of animals and plants. There are two artificial Lakes within the national park having some crocodiles. The main of Sanjay Gandhi National park is Toy Train and it is called as Van rani and a Lion and Tiger safari from this safari you can see the lion and tiger with a very close view. And Sanjay Gandhi National Park is one of the favorite picnictourist place’.


5) Mahalaxmi temple:


The Mahalaxmi Temple is one amongst the oldest temples located in the city of Mumbai. Devoted to ‘Goddess Mahalaxmi’ this holy place was built in the mid of 16th century. The main Goddess of the temple is Laxmi while goddess Saraswati and Kali are other two Goddess worshipped here together this three Goddess are known as Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali. Many tourists come here in large number through the year. You should visit this temple if your tour is in Mumbai.
You will find many stalls to buy the necessary items required for puja and these stalls serves help to new visitors. The picture of the Goddess can be seen as holding a lotus flower as she showers her blessings on her devotees. Devotees come here from all around the country.
6) Marine Drive:
Marine Drive is a kilometer long, arc-shaped street along the South Mumbai coast, ranging from the southern end of Nariman point and ending at the renowned Chowpatty beach. And it is the best place in Mumbai from where you can see the sunset.
People love to go there with there friends and sometimes you can see couples are seating over with their beloved partner, the majority of peoples going there in the evening to see the sunset. peoples night out there with there friends.
The Marine Drive is also known as Queen’s Necklace on a narration of its shape and yellow streetlights it makes an amazing view at night. You can go in any one end and see the lights glowing in the perfect arc-shaped all along the coast. You can also see the vendors are selling chai and cigarettes at all hours. It is one of the “best places to visit in Mumbai“. The view over here and fresh wind makes Marine Drive one of the romantic spot.
7) Siddhivinayak Temple:
The Siddhivinayak Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and it is one of the remarkable and famous temples situated in Mumbai. It is one of the richest temple in Mumbai and visitors visit this temple in a huge number on daily basis.
This temple was built by Laxman Vithu and Deubai Patil in the year 1801.
The Siddhivinayak temple emphasizes a small sanctum housing the idol of Shri Ganesh, that is concerning two and a half feet wide and created out of a single piece of black stone. The image of the Lord here is one that’s of utmost importance to the people of religion. The trunk of the Lord Ganesha tilt towards right and snake make more beautiful the idol much like a thread would.  A temple of Lord Hanuman is also present within the premises.
8)  Victoria Terminus:
Victoria Terminus is also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Victoria Terminus is constructed in the Victorian-Gothic style of architecture. The station is one of the most renowned historic landmark expressing the pre-independence British raj in India.

Victoria Terminus is constructed in 1888,  the station was designed by British architect F.W. Stevens It took ten years to complete the construction of the structure.  Victoria Terminus is one of the station which is connected to all part of the country. The railhead stands witness to the city’s progress over the period and also the growth of the Bollywood film industry.


9) Haji Ali Dargah:
The Haji Ali Dargah is built on a tiny island located 500 meters from the coast of Worli. The Haji Ali Dargah was built in 1431 in memories of a rich Muslim trader named as Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. People from various religions come here to seek blessings.
The design of the Dargah in itself is a glorious example of the Indo-Islamic variety of engineering. A unique manner of offering prayers to Allah is through the means of Qawallis, which are melodious. Many famed personalities visit the holy place to seek blessings.
10) Bandra Worli Sea Link:
It is an amazing engineering work done by engineers. Basically, it is an eight-lane cable-stayed bridge and it our first project initiated by Maharashtra Government. Bandra Worli Sea Link is officially known as Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link. Extending across the arc of Mumbai’s coastline, this sea link is a civil engineering wonder that shows the modern infrastructure of the city of Mumbai.
The bridge is designed to provide around 37,500 vehicles per day whereas reducing the time travel between Bandra and Worli by a big margin.Roll your windows down as you move quickly over the bridge and let the salty sea breeze run through your hair. The beauty of this attraction is increased during the night when twinkling lights beautify the bridge.
Finally, I hope guys you find your list of “Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Mumbai”. If you really think we have made some efforts then don’t forget to appreciate our efforts in comments below and thanks for visiting.












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