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Here are 5 Awesome benefits  of jumping jacks

1. They are great cardiovascular exercise:

Training your heart to be stronger has some great benefits including a lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure, which means that it is not working as hard to pump blood around your body, thus increasing its longevity. More efficient lungs mean that your muscles will be able to work for longer because they’re getting that oxygen that they so direly need. Plus there’s the point that you won’t get winded nearly as fast when exercising, or maybe just walking up a few flights of stairs.

2. They reduce the stress:

Most aerobic exercises added benefits of improving mood and reducing stress. They release happiness hormones endorphins, which reduce stress and perception of pain. when you jump and move your hands up and down, your brain stimulates the release of serotonin or the “feel good” hormone. The release of adrenalin also gives you a rush of excitement. These hormones, together, are responsible for making you feel happy and lower your stress levels.

3. They burn fat:

Jumping jack is an aerobic cardio exercise, meaning, you use oxygen to meet the energy demands and stimulate the heart muscles. The heart has to work extra hard to pump enough oxygenated blood and also bring back the carbon dioxide loaded blood from the cells. This, in turn, helps exercise the heart muscles and other organs like the lungs. Hence, this steady and slow exercise keeps your heart healthy by providing a good workout to it.

4. They make stronger bones:

As you doing jumping jacks the muscles actually pull back the bone of the body. This, in turn, strengthens the bones and increase their density. As a result, the chance of developing osteoporosis is drastically reduced.  It also makes your body flexible. together, jumping jacks benefit your arms, shoulders, core, and various muscles in your legs such as your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves.

5. They Improve coordination :

Because jumping jacks are an exercise that involves jumping consecutively in place, they help improve your coordination. By having to constantly coordinate a jump outwards while raising and then lowering your hands, you are not only using coordination, you are helping to improve. Improving your coordination is important in everyday life. You need coordination to walk upstairs, cook, and you even need it for things like brushing your hair or folding your clothes.

These are 5 awesome benefits of jumping jacks

Enjoy all these 5  awesome benefits of jumping jacks.

All The Best!!!

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